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One day, you will return...just to leave a comment on my profile.

Posted by Butterface89 on Apr 8, 15 2:14 pm · History


Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 10, 13 4:08 pm · History

Girl,please don't disappear on me, okay? Let me know first. Just leave a comment telling me you're leaving, if you decide to leave. Talk to you soon...I hope. Sadness.

Posted by Butterface89 on Mar 24, 13 8:21 am · History

Hey girl where ARE you? Ha ha! Are you coming back home (Createblog)??

Posted by Butterface89 on Nov 16, 12 6:42 pm · History

Hey, girl! Wassuuupp?? Ha ha! Ah, I'm being silly. I haven't talked to you in forever! That's not right. How is everything? What are you up to?

Posted by Butterface89 on Jun 1, 12 11:00 am · History

Sorry for the super late response. I sometimes forget about this thing lol

Yeah! Or a super fancy dinner with 34380989 forks and you dk which one to use for the salad haha

Hahaha. I liked Texas though. I'm looking into going to grad school over there.

You can just deactivate it. But I heard that if you confirm the email sent, you can delete it, delete it. But I'm not entirely sure.

How's school so far? Any cool classes/teachers or hot classmates? ;)
I graduate in May with my bachelor's. Then I think I'm going to take a year off to get a job within the field as well as get to know people for letters of recommendation and then apply to graduate school.

Posted by manny-the-dino on Sep 16, 11 5:05 pm · History

Haha thanks! Too bad I don't have any other occasions to wear it to

Yeah, saw The Alamo. I dk, I expected it to be... bigger lol. We visited some missions too. So pretty inside!
Exactly. We were all dying lol. I can only imagine how expensive people's AC bill comes out to! :O

So... I dk what else to talk about lol.
When do you start school?

Posted by manny-the-dino on Aug 17, 11 3:33 am · History

Insurance? i've never heard of that. But yes, I would honestly reconsider. I was going crazy with dresses as well but found one that I ended up liking and only for $100! (had 40% off) so I'm glad I waited and took my time.

Wow such an extravagant dress! The top portion looks really pretty though. And I love the color.

Btw here's my prom dress! Was EXTREMELY low cut haha :X of9.jpg

Thanks for the suggestion but we didn't end up going to Houston :/ We only did San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Cristi (honestly wasn't that exciting though), and other local cities. It was fun though! Love Texas except the humidity lol.

Hahaha that is pretty random but I think that's the case because the celebs let everyone know around four months when the baby bump begins to show (they have no other choice).

Posted by manny-the-dino on Aug 8, 11 6:47 pm · History

Hey girl! Hee hee, I haven't been back here in forever! Whew! Same old-same old. By this time I don't even remember what I did on the 4th! Ha ha! Probably nothing. Oh wait, actually some dude tried to break into my home. I'm serious. It's a crazy world. Ha ha. Nice layout you have here! Who's the new guy? Just curious^^

Posted by Butterface89 on Jul 29, 11 4:52 am · History

No, I don't think it's too puffy. Looks cute!
Oh yeah you still have TONS of time. I suggest you go to tons of shops and see what dresses they have. Don't buy the first one you fall in love with because there might be a better one along the way :)

Oh man yes, I can't wait to try all the food in TX. I'm going to get so fat haha. Any places you recommend?

No, we tied at 0 haha. Both teams were close to scoring through.

Aw his daughter is so cute! And he ain't bad in this pic either haha ;) /img/2011/07/18/alg_beks_baby. jpg

Posted by manny-the-dino on Jul 28, 11 2:04 am · History

Oh haha whoops! It's hard to remember since we comment each other once a week or so.

Yes I have. And it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooo good. Om nom nom. I really want one right now haha. Have you?

Well the color of my dress was "steel". Here's a sample of the color:
http://cdn1.iofferphot pqS.jpg
As for the actual dress, I'll just take a picture of it for you since I still have it lol.
And wow that sure is a dress! haha. It's cute though, I like it! The short version is cute as well but damn $446?!

For sure I will! I think we're also going to visit Corpus Crisit, Austin and... Dallas or Houston. I don't remember lol

LOL oh yeah I remember that part. "Pineapple Express" is seriously one of my all time favorite James Franco movies.

Oh random but on the 4th of July I went to see the LA Galaxy vs. Seattle Sounders match and was SUPER close to Donovan and Beckham. hfdsjdksfdnjkfn ugh too much hotness in one place haha

Posted by manny-the-dino on Jul 18, 11 4:44 am · History

Hey dude! Ha ha! What'd you do for July 4th?

Posted by Butterface89 on Jul 8, 11 8:08 am · History

Oh man, I forgot what movie we were talking about haha :/
BUT a little side note: I always get Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans confused for some reason. I mean sure they're both hot but they don't even look alike lol. Have you seen Not Another Teen Movie? I love Chris in it.

The decorating part is the most frustrating for me. I get some impatient that most of the time, I'll just half-ass it and stop caring haha. But yeah I truly admire those who have the skills and patience to do the decorations.

Lol that weather is weird. Was it humid while it was raining? Because that's the worse!

Hahaha okay, whichever site is fine by me :)

At my prom, most of the girls wore long dresses and some with poof at the bottom. Only a few wore short dresses. But I say wear whatever dress you want! I'd personally go with a long dress because it's not that often that you get a chance to wear a long and elegant dress. When you finally pick out a dress, I wanna see it! haha

OH and we're going to San Antonio next month! Have you ever been there?

Posted by manny-the-dino on Jul 5, 11 3:47 pm · History

I did but forgot to answer haha

No I probably won't watch it. Not really a big superhero movie fan. However Ryan Reynolds is in it so that may change ;) How about you?!

Yeah, it mos def is! Man I miss baking. But with this hot weather, it's not such a good idea to use the oven D:
I'm sure you'll get accepted! You seem like a responsible, disciplined and smart young woman when it comes to academics.
Oh man, even the name of the city sounds all rich and stuff lol
RV = Red Velvet (sorry, I think I threw you off with the abbreviation) but it's red.

Haha psych classes can be difficult and a lot of work. Especially the neuroscience ones (which are one of my least favorites!)
The weather is the same over here too. Just recently it began to get warmer because oddly enough, it would be hazy up until 3, when the sun would come out of nowhere lol

Hahah, no worries. You can reply to my comment through Facebook. Via message or however else.
I have no idea. I believe they come around every once in a while but they don't post. The last post Backstage was made in March and the last post in the Boardroom was made in November! So dead :'(

Posted by manny-the-dino on Jun 21, 11 3:04 am · History

i wuv ur profile o.o

Posted by TokiMonsta789 on Jun 15, 11 10:05 pm · History

Late response to Bradley video but YES PLZ. Ughhhh I have no idea what he was saying but wow that was so hot haha

Aw that sucks. Just click on "Forgot Password" and change it to delete your profile lol
Yeah that'd be cool! Too bad I don't use my camera as much as before :'(

Hahah that would be nice. Hopefully I can do all that soon because I'm in some dire need of just hanging out with people my age.

FAMOUS CUPCAKES! That's the cupcake store the Kardashians endorse over here. They're fairly the same price at Sprinkles and Crumbs (cupcakes are good).
But yeah Celebrity Cupcakes' site looks cute! And the cupcakes look realllly good. Nom, I want some right now haha. Oh it's near the university you're planning on going to? Must be a super nice area!
Haha wow you sure do get creative with your yogurt! I've never tried the Taro flavor. Maybe next time I will.
Whenever I get froyo, I usually just get the original tart or whatever along with strawberries, kiwi and granola. If I'm feelin' a little frisky, I'll add some Red Velvet yogurt (LOVE RV!) or some chocolate candies (chocolate chips, peanut butter cups, M&Ms, etc.)

Haha I see. I think it's good you're going to focus on school though. Always keep that mentality! :)
Meh I don't think so. Right now it's just summer session and work [I literally only had 1 week of summer vacation :( ]. My parents want to plan a family trip to Miami but with my summer classes, job, as well as my brother's summer school, it's hard to tell when would be the right time. Texas was also in the talks too but doesn't it get super hot/humid during the summer?!

Yes, I use facebook. I think it'd be better there because frankly, the only reason I sign on is to check comments from you and to see if things are okay on the site lol. So Facebook would be better :)

Posted by manny-the-dino on Jun 13, 11 3:34 am · History

OMG!!! Awww

Posted by bulletproofdesigns on Jun 9, 11 8:33 pm · History

Lol really? I deleted mine months ago.
Yeah I've been on it a few times but don't have an account. Tons of talented people there.

According to urbandictionary's definition of "cougar" it means A 35+ year old female who is on the "hunt" for a much younger, energetic, willing-to-do-anything male.

Hahah aw. I miss those nights. They were the best.
I don't think there's an age limit. They're always fun! I think the last time I partook in a sleepover was 4-5 years ago.

Ohh I feel like I've heard of it. Or seen it. There's one that the Kardashians are affiliated with but I forgot the name.

Maria, you're always naming Texas only places! haha. We don't have Berripop though. We have Pinkberry and other ones. What do you put on your froyo, btw?

Yeah they're huge and a bit pricey! ($3.75!)

So any cool plans for the summer?!

Posted by manny-the-dino on Jun 4, 11 4:37 am · History

True, true. Plus the average user on here is around my age so other things have become a priority. Plus myspace has died and Twitter/Facebook aren't customizable. And Tumblr with its Theme Garden. That leaves cB as a ghost town haha

Those are called Manthers lmao. But yes we need to find them! Just not guys that are so old, they could be our fathers haha

Haha what was the idea, if you don't mind me asking?

LOLOLOL really? Oh maan that sounds funny!

I've never tried Sonic. The nearest one is about 30-40 minutes away :'(
Yeah we do and I've tried them! They ARE pretty expensive but it's a cute place. Do you guys have Crumbs over there?

Posted by manny-the-dino on May 15, 11 5:19 pm · History

Hahah right? It's sad but there's almost no point in coming here sometimes.

Very true. Which also makes me like older guys too (not like 40s unless he looks like Hugh Jackman ;]) because younger guys are soooooo immature. I don't think I could ever date someone younger than me lol

Lol I probably have but don't recall the last time it happened. What about you?

DO IT. And tie him to a chair until I get to him hahaha

Both probably lol

At first I was like "...what wait? Like a pier or something?" haha. But no I don't. According to the website, those are only available in Texas. Are they super good?!

Posted by manny-the-dino on May 4, 11 11:18 pm · History

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